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Site Development

2000 - August 2004

Almost all HTML pages on this site were automatically created with a Visual Basic script. This script was started with the Windows Script Host (cscript.exe), which is part of the Windows operating system.

The latest version of the script can be found here.

The script - which has more than 4000 lines - demonstrates some of the great possibilities of the Windows Script Host.

Used techniques:

  • File reading
  • File writing
  • File handling (Delete, Rename)
  • Recursive directory parsing
  • Command-line parameter parsing
  • Handling Microsoft Access Database
August 2004 - now

The site has been completely rewritten in PHP and all the report information is transfered from an offline Microsoft Access database to an online MySQL database.

Unfortunately I can't share the source of the PHP code for security reasons.

More information about PHP and MySQL can be found here:


June 2007

The framework of this website (header, footer and menu columns) has been completely rewritten, using Cascading Style Sheets, instead of HTML tables. Although a Cascading Style Sheet was already used for years, it contained style properties of the table, table rows and table cells that were used for the framework. The content of the center column still uses HTML tables. The document type of this website has been changed from XHTML 1.0 Transitional to HTML 4.01 STRICT to force Internet Explorer to use correct CSS standards and to eliminate the dreaded Box Model Bug in Quirks mode.