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Phantasium, Eindhoven

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Phantasium (link) on saturday, the 23rd of Februari 2013 at Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Essen Motor Show, Essen

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Essen Motor Show (link) on sunday, the 29th of November 2015 at Essen, Germany

DoKomi, Düsseldorf

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DoKomi (link) on saturday, the 19th of May 2018 at Düsseldorf, Germany

Zomercarnaval, Rotterdam

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Zomercarnaval (link) on saturday, the 29th of July 2006 at Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Street Fashion Show, Krefeld

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Street Fashion Show (link) on sunday, the 20th of September 2009 at Krefeld, Germany

AnimagiC, Bonn

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AnimagiC (link) on saturday, the 1st of August 2015 at Bonn, Germany

Free Festival, Almere

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Free Festival (link) on sunday, the 30th of July 2006 at Almere, The Netherlands

City Parade, Luik

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City Parade (link) on saturday, the 25th of June 2005 at Luik, Belgium

Role Play Convention, Köln

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Role Play Convention (link) on saturday, the 27th of May 2017 at Köln, Germany

Elf Fantasy Fair, Arcen

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Elf Fantasy Fair (link) on saturday, the 21st of September 2019 at Arcen, The Netherlands

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