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Looking for Pr0n? Here?

First, let me assure you that your IP address ( has been recorded to our database and will be automatically forwarded to the proper authorities within a period of 24 hours ;-)

Let me just say, that if I've ever photographed anything that could remotely be called pr0n (according to my own criteria, because too many people will even associate my Glamour page with the decay of western civilization), it certainly wouldn't be published here on this website (hey, some of my colleges are aware of my site too, cappice?). The guys at my hosting provider wouldn't like it either. Well, maybe they like it, but not on their company hard drives (unless I pay a lot more cash).

But no worries! There are approximately 10.461.234 sites on the Internet, that might be of any help to YOU, with many terabytes of images and movies to keep you busy for the next decade.

No clue what I'm talking about? This Google search will get you started.