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This site contains pictures which were made during indoor and outdoor events in The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Many pictures are from people, who visit or participate at these events. Please understand that this is NOT a commercial website, where you can order prints or coffee mugs with your picture. This site is developed by an amateur (digital) photographer, who runs this website as a hobby.

How long does it take?

It can take one week before the photographs will be online. It's no problem when you contact me about your photograph, before the images are online.


Feel free to use our Feedback section if you have any comments or suggestions about your photograph(s) or this site. We would like to hear from you, if you like it (or not)!

You want prints?

Unfortunately it is NOT possible to deliver prints. Published pictures are not very qualified for printing them yourself, because of their small size. Please contact me, if you want a larger version of your picture which you can print yourself. Your photo will be delivered by e-mail and this service is for FREE.

Where's my other picture?

Sometimes I've taken more than one photograph of someone. Because of webspace and bandwidth limitations we can't publish all photographs. Please contact me, if you want to receive your other photographs by mail. Please mention the image number of your published photograph.

Picture missing?

Keep in mind that not all taken photographs are suitable for publishing. Photographs can be underexposed, overexposed, out of focus or otherwise unsuccessful. Because of webspace and bandwidth limitations, it's also not possible to publish everything. Feel free to contact me, if you miss your picture. Please read our HELP page, if you can NOT find the images you're looking for.

Use a flashgun?

Sometimes people wonder why I use a flashgun when I'm outside on a sunny day. This is called a fill-flash and using it has some advantages: (a) less ugly shadows, (b) no underexposure when there is a dark subject and a bright background, (c) allows for negative ambient light exposure compensation to prevent blown out highlights (white sky) and (d) a nice catchlight in the models eyes.

Photographing policy

Almost all visitors of published events who are the prime subject of a published picture at this site, have been aware of them being photographed and indicated to have no problem with this. Many visitors have even been asked permission to be photographed. Nearly at every event the photographer has a badge with the internet address of this site, to state where the pictures can be published. It's often not possible to ask direct or indirect permission from participants at an event (people who walk in a parade, model at a fashion show etc.), but it is our opinion that those participants can expect to be photographed. If anyone has serious objections about their picture(s) being published at this site, please contact me about this.


All photos on this site are copyright protected, and may NOT be used for commercial purposes. All rights reserved.


A report of an event will be online for at least one month after the event has been taking place. Because of the already mentioned webspace limitations, it's possible that a report is removed or reduced in size, after this first month.

Looking for a photographer?

Looking for a photographer for a party or an event? Click here for more information and references and contact me for details.

Who made this site?

You can read more about me on the whoami page.

Yours sincerely,
webmaster www.f22.nl