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Refresh - After Sun, Weert

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Refresh - After Sun (link) on friday, the 16th of November 2007 at Weert, The Netherlands

FFWD Dance Parade, Rotterdam

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FFWD Dance Parade (link) on saturday, the 12th of August 2006 at Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Schmink Konkour, Roermond

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Schmink Konkour (link) on sunday, the 28th of Januari 2007 at Roermond, The Netherlands

Limburg Bokaal, Geleen

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Limburg Bokaal (link) on sunday, the 29th of March 2009 at Geleen, The Netherlands

All About Fashion, Sittard

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All About Fashion (link) on sunday, the 30th of September 2012 at Sittard, The Netherlands

Cosplay @ FBM, Frankfurt

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Cosplay @ FBM (link) on sunday, the 18th of October 2015 at Frankfurt, Germany

Connichi, Kassel

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Connichi (link) on saturday, the 8th of September 2018 at Kassel, Germany

Night of Fashion, Venlo

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Night of Fashion (link) on thursday, the 2nd of December 2010 at Venlo, The Netherlands

Phantasium, Eindhoven

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Phantasium (link) on saturday, the 26th of Februari 2011 at Eindhoven, The Netherlands

AnimagiC, Bonn

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AnimagiC (link) on saturday, the 28th of July 2012 at Bonn, Germany

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